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Digital Thermostat Temperature Control Module -40-125°C

12V DC
Rs140.00(GST excl.)

Digital Thermostat Temperature Sensor Control Module

-40-125°C 12V

Instructions for use:

Connect the power supply 12v to the board, the measuring temperature is displayed.
Press the "SET" button, press " + or - " to set the desired temperature (long press " + or - " to quickly increase or decrease).
Press "SET" to confirm the setting and return.
Controller automatically performs the relay ON/OFF.the thermostat output is 10A relay.

LED Indicator: LED off indicates the relay off; Lighting,indicates the relay is closed.

Digital LED Tubes:
"LL" indicates sensor open
"HH" indicates overrange, the relay will be forcibly disconnected
"---" indicates high temperature alarm
Long press the "SET" button to enter the main menu settings, press " + or - " to switching between P0-P6,
Then long press "SET" or 10 seconds without keystrokes to confirm the setting and return.

Run a jumper from 12V+ to K0 and whatever you're trying to turn off/on connect to K1.
Then press and hold the set button until you get PO. PO is whether it should turn on or off at temp. P1 is how far from that temp is allowed.

P0 :Cooling / Heating; Range: C/H; Default: C
P1 :Hysteresis Setting; Range:0.1-15; Default: 2
P2 :Highest Setting Limit; Range:110; Default: 110
P3: Lowest setting Limit; Range:-50; Default: -50
P4 :Temperature Correction; Range:-7-7°c; Default: 0°c
P5: Delay Start Time; Range:0-10 Minute; Default: 0
P6: Key Tone Switch; Range:0-110; Default: Off
When the Thermostat is power off, long press "- or +", you can restore the factory settings



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