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Terms & Conditions

By ordering any item from  /.in (SARAVANA ELECTRONICS,Coimbatore) you Agree with all following terms & conditions :

1.All items ordered will be dispatched generally within 2 days of receipt of payment.

2.We do not offer any Refund or Exchange policy.Only if an item is out of stock ,then customer can wait or cancel the order.

3.We cannot take responsibility for any delay,loss or damage during transport.

4.All Embedded boards which have printing " "  or " / .in" carry warranty for a period of 60 days from the date of our invoice.
  But Electronic components like Sensors,XBEE modules,ICs ,etc.. do not carry any warranty at all.These components can be easily damaged even by a very small carelessness like Reverse supply,high power supply or reverse     pin configuration,..etc.For e.g if you buy an XBEE module on RS232 breakout board , there is no warraty for the XBEE module ,as it can be damaged even with slight higher voltage more than 3.3v.

5.However we ensure that all our products are reliable,tested & brand new to use in your projects.

6.In case any board item not working please callus or mail us.We shall be able to provide solutions.

7.Every sale is considered as counter sale & local VAT is applicable , 5% or 14.5% according to items.

8. All disputes are subject to Coimbatore Jurisdiction.


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